A Step-by-Step First Time Buyer's Guide

We help first time buyers, investors and everyone in between. We look forward to understanding your goals!


Step 1: Preparing To Buy

You and I get together and explore your goals, lifestyle and design preferences. Then I familiarize you with our current market and the home buying process from first-look to keys-in-hand. There is a lot of ground to cover but I’m with you every step of the way and we’ll definitely have some fun through it all.


Step 2: Getting Prequalified

Unless you are paying cash for the home, your price point is often determined by what you can afford. So, we make sure you are working with a local lender that is experienced and a great match for you. There may be additional expenses to consider when buying a home and that will be clearly spelled out for you.

Step 3: Home Search

Let’s start dreaming! I’ll take notes on your must-haves and help you expand on the elements of your ideal home from the neighborhood, to the amenities, whether its southern facing or other aspects that matter to you. Assessing your 5 year plan as far as your employment, family size, etc. will also come into play.

Step 4: Find THE ONE and Negotiation

You’re ready to write an offer. We will work together to determine the ideal price and terms to submit. The negotiations start here. My experience will ensure you are protected and purchasing your home at the best possible price. As we move through the process. We will comb through inspection reports with a keen eye, order any additional inspections needed and ensure you are fully aware of what you are buying from crawl space to roof venting.


Step 5: Your New Chapter Begins

Contingencies have been removed, we take a final walkthrough and, with surefooted confidence, put the keys to your new home in your hands. Time to celebrate your new home!


After signing the final paperwork to complete the purchase, you are now the owner of a new house. It may take a few days for your loan to be funded once the paperwork has been returned to the lender, but once that check is delivered to the seller, you’ll be all set to move into the home of your dreams.


There are many factors that would determine when you might want to buy or sell. We are fortunate in the Bay Area to have a historically strong and resilient market. Depending on your goals, we can pin down the ideal moment for you. Even when prices go down nationwide, the Silicon Valley is usually the last area to drop and the first to rebound.

First and foremost, a real estate agent is your expert advisor to protect your largest asset or investment. There are a plethora of potential problems and a sea of forms that come with buying/selling a home.  The process can be very emotional. Your agent is an objective voice of reason and negotiation during this exciting time in your life. That is why it is imperative that you select an experienced and honest professional to represent you.

For each person and every family, the answer will be different. We can discuss your needs and I’ll help you uncover the ideal neighborhood. We’ll start by narrowing down what is most important for your day-to-day lifestyle and what you need in proximity to your home. Some people want a cabana club, a hiking trail, Whole Foods, or a view for instance. We will also consider some of the following: school districts, safety and comfort, other cost of living factors (like transportation, utilities, food prices, other taxes), transit options, housing inventory, and more.

While there are many “nice to have” aspects of an agent, you should be sure that you look for one with experience and that is honest. An agent should know the ins and outs of the real estate transaction experience and should, most importantly, place your interests above all others...especially above their own interest.

Calling me! Let’s schedule a meeting so that I can familiarize you with the home-buying process as well as the next steps. Here are my steps to buying a home with me.

That all depends on the market: how aggressive buyers are, the available inventory, motivation of sellers, etc..  There can also be unforeseen glitches along the way. I have had to deal with lot-line adjustments, easements, mold abatement, getting tenants out of the home, wells that need redigging, septic replacement, rodents, discontinued electrical boxes, unpermitted spaces and many more factors that can delay the purchase date.  Here is another area where I help you navigate the intricacies and unknowns of the home buying process.

When the demand for homes is greater than the available home inventory. This is an opportunity for seller’s to have an easier time selling and where buyers have to sweeten the deal to win a multiple offer situation.

This is a great question with several nuanced answers. I can connect you with an ideal lender to walk you through this. I have seen people clean up their credit in a matter of months and closing on their home. Do not fear a low credit score but call me immediately so I can point you in the right direction.

It really depends on your goals and needs. Whatever the case, it’s best to sit down and speak so that we can map out your circumstances and objectives, then decide what course of action is right for you.
 If you can, and would like to, have a second home as an investment property, this might be an opportunity worth taking.

If you are in a multiple offer situation, you may be in second or third position and still have a chance. Deals can not go through and you can still get the home. I purchased a home for my mother-in-law and she was in third position. If it still doesn’t go through, then we know that was not your home. We will move on to find an even better match for you. This can be challenging but there are so many great neighborhoods in our area that we move on and find your place in the sun.

Just like a wedding dress, it could be the first one or it could be the 40th. When you know, you know!

The seller pays for both the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent. I only get paid if/when keys change hands and the transaction is complete.
 So, give me a call, it won’t cost you a dime.

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